Elves and Pixies

Elves, pixies and the pixie, pixy and elf world.
Come and join Myrea Pettit and James Browne in their Elf and Pixie World

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Elves and Pixies

Myrea Pettit was born in Northampton, UK in 1970

"All my creative artwork comes from being a peace loving, calm and practising yogi person, believing passionately of total peace and harmony. Each of my pictures is balanced down to how I feel each day, what food I eat and how much exercise I have taken. Was I blessed as the only one who saw them? Maybe I was the only one who believed in them!"

For the last eight years, James Browne, has been creating images that catch the eye and touch the heart of viewers of all ages.

Taking reality and fantasy and molding them together, he is able to create a world of its own, where imagination soars.

"I have a lifetime to paint, with a subject matter that is endless, with one goal in mind, and that is, to keep the child in all of us."

Follow in the footsteps of James Browne and Myrea Pettit Follow in the footsteps of James Browne and Myrea Pettit
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